Silcock Leedham, the University of Leeds and Royal BAM Group have developed a radiant cooling solution to ensure precise temperature control and stability for the super transmission electron microscope (S/TEM) facility at the Sir William Henry Bragg Building.

The purpose-built facility accommodates the university’s current Themis 300 S/TEM and the future Spectra Ultra S/TEM microscopes. Appointed by Royal BAM Group, Silcock Leedham developed the concept and provided the detailed mechanical and electrical design for this S/TEM facility. The key to achieving the required temperature control and stability lies in the adoption of a radiant cooling solution, marking one of the few applications of this technology within the UK. Additionally, zed.provided detailed computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to prove the design concept.

Silcock Leedham projects - ICEPS Leeds - image 2
Silcock Leedham projects - ICEPS Leeds - featured image