The project

McDonald’s has a national restaurant rollout programme that comprises up to 40 new sites per year in the UK. They are a mix of traditional construction, refurbishment sites and modular build projects. The demands of the client are such that the on-site construction phase for each project is often under 12 weeks, meaning they need a team that can respond rapidly and effectively to unforeseen issues and changes. High-level project coordination and process management are critical to each project’s success, which can include up to eight contractors, three architects and numerous retail stakeholders instigating change throughout the rollout. Our agile approach ensures that we are always ready to provide solutions and design input.

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Our contribution

Silcock Leedham has completed HVAC and electrical services designs that are repeatable, low energy and compatible with the extremely tight space requirements incumbent on these types of buildings. We also advise on the high-level energy strategy and provide assessment and compliance studies for every completed project. This includes EPCs and building regulations.

Added value

Our dedicated team of engineers, energy assessors and CAD technicians gives us the ability to manage multiple projects in one timeframe. We supported the delivery of the first net-zero carbon McDonald’s restaurant and are now helping to develop a new template for the net-zero transformation.

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