Our company comprises two distinct and specialist sustainability-focused engineering and design entities

Silcock Leedham Group comprises Silcock Leedham Consulting Engineers (SLCE) and zero energy design (zed.). Our group model is anchored to providing complete, turnkey solutions under one brand to our clients, thus enabling project efficiency and seamless intra-company communication. Moreover, we have an entire UK geographic reach for all our core businesses.

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Silcock Leedham Consulting Engineers

SLCE is an award-winning engineering consultancy with comprehensive experience in all construction sectors. We are a truly global company: our geographic reach encompasses the UK and as far afield as the UAE in the Middle East. SLCE offers comprehensive and interconnected services in the fields of mechanical, electrical and public health building services design, with a focus on sustainability and net zero carbon. Our professional services are integrated into the overall build process to deliver practical, sustainable and well-maintained environments for all applications.

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zero energy design

zero energy design (zed.) consists of a dedicated team of sustainability consultants and building physics engineers. Together, they work to deliver robust and workable solutions to all aspects of the built environment, from concept and planning to completion and handover. zed is part of the transformation to net zero carbon. At our core, we help our clients create a route map to deliver a climate-resilient future.

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The RSK Group

Silcock Leedham is proud to be an RSK Group company. RSK is a global leader in the delivery of sustainable solutions. Its environmental, engineering and technical services businesses work together to provide practical solutions to some of the greatest challenges societies have ever faced. We know that our global energy supply plays a critical role in reaching net zero. As an RSK company, we can draw on the vast experience and knowledge of other RSK businesses, thereby crafting bespoke end-to-end solutions for any project. All RSK Group companies enable full and transparent interoperability for their clients while offering a complete spectrum of consultants and contracting specialists. Our group company model is based on a complete solution delivery for our clients, with all specialisms orbiting our core business.

RSK’s commitment to sustainability is embedded in its corporate responsibility and sustainability route map

In December 2023, the group launched its sustainability strategy, Second Nature. The initiative is centred on five core themes that reflect the responsibilities we owe as a business to our widest group of stakeholders – our people, our value chain, society and the environment – and how these are supported by appropriate finance and governance structures. Second Nature reflects

Our five core themes